Boston, Massachusetts
The State House

The State House in Boston is quite impressive. It was built in 1798 on top of Beacon Hill. The dome was originally made out of wood shingles which were painted gray and later changed to light yellow. In 1861 it was covered by 23-karat gold leaf to prevent leaks. It was painted black during World War II and re-gilded again after the war.

The Boston State House Richard, Gina, Nick.jpg Jake, Geoff, Richard, Gina, Nick

The Great Hall is the most recent addition. It is a large room built of Italian marble. There are over 400 flags from Massachusetts towns and cities on display.

Flags in the Great Hall Flags in the Great Hall Flags in the Great Hall Plaque in the Great Hall

The staircase of iron and marble is amazing, as is the marble mosaic floor.

The marble staircase The marble staircase  Erin on the marble mosaic floor

At the top of the staircase is a stained glass window. Among the many paintings is a scene depicting the Union march through Baltimore in 1861.

Stained glass windows Stained glass windows  Painting of marching thru Balto in 1861

The amount of marble used in floors, stairs, columns and walls is amazing. Nurses Hall has numerous murals and statues.

Nurses Hall Nurses Hall Nurses Hall Nurses Hall Nurses Hall Nurses Hall Nurses Hall

The Senate Chamber has members sitting in a large circle with a visitors' gallery above. The room for the House of Representatives is an impressive room with large murals and old desks.

Senate Chamber Senate Chamber House of Representatives

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