Boston, Massachusetts

In 2008 and again in 2009, the DeVilbiss family got together in Boston, Massachusetts. Included were the DeVilbiss, Trousdale, Kazenski and Wilson branches of the family.

Boston streets Boston streets Boston streets Bridge over the Charles River The Charles River

In 2008 we walked the Freedom Trail. It is a 2.5 mile red-brick walking path that winds through downtown Boston and passes by numerous historic landmarks.

The Granary Burying Ground dates back to 1660. One of the many memorials is an obelisk for the parents of Benjamin Franklin.

Granary Burying Ground Granary Burying Ground Description of Granary Burying Ground Franklin obelisk

We visited the Paul Revere house which is surprisingly small. (No pictures are allowed inside the house.) Outside, encased in plate glass, is a 900-pound bronze bell that was cast in 1804 at the bell and cannon foundry of Paul Revere and Son.

Sign at the Paul Revere House Paul Revere House Sign at the Paul Revere House Revere's bell Revere's bell

And of course we took family pictures both years.

Statue of Paul Revere Geoffrey and Erin Nick, Jake, Geoffrey, Michael and Erin Cousins Nick, Jake and Michael Jake and Gina Bud and Erin Christine, Bud, Erin, Geoffrey Nick Jay Gina Nick Fascination - Erin, Geoffrey Fascination - Erin, Geoffrey, Michael, Nick, Jake Erin, Geoffrey, Michael, Nick, Jake Richard, Jack Michael, Jake, Richard, Jack The whole gang

    Click here to tour the State House in Boston.

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