August 2008

My daughter Christine, her husband John, my grandchildren and I all flew to Phoenix Arizona. We rented a car and drove to Sedona where we would stay for a week.

As we drove from Phoenix to Sedona, we were in awe of the countryside. Being from the east coast, the scenery was wondrously different.

The road to Sedona The road to Sedona

Christine's father Bud left Maryland on his Harley the week before and joined us late that day. The next morning, we drove west to Clarkdale to ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad.

Verde Canyon Railroad Christine, Erin, Geoffrey and John

Before dawn the next day we took a ride in a hot air balloon. This was a really cool experience. We watched the sun rise from high in the air.

Bud, Christine, John, Geoffrey, Betty, Erin A hot air balloon

We then took a "Pink Jeep" tour, and we literally rode around in a pink Jeep for several hours. The ride was a bit bumpy (actually it was very bumpy) but it provided us the opportunity to stand on top of a number of the buttes. And the views were breathtaking.

The DeVilbisses and Trousdales Our Pink Jeep

While in Arizona, we naturally wanted to see the Grand Canyon. The first view we got of it was from a plane.

Geoffrey Our plane Erin

At last we got up close to the Grand Canyon. It truly is magnificent.

The Trousdales The canyon

Each day, after wearing ourselves out seeing the sights, we returned to our condo in Sedona.

View from the pool Erin and Christine

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I hope you've enjoyed seeing our trip to Arizona.

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