Tall Ships
Baltimore Harbor
June 2000

In June 2000, Geoffrey and Erin stayed with me for two weeks. While they were there, the "Tall Ships" sailed into the Baltimore Harbor and stayed for several days. We spent a day visiting the Inner Harbor and touring the ships.

Tall Ships Tall Ships Tall Ships Tall Ships Erin by a Tall Ship Tall Ship

The USS Constellation was the last "all sail" warship built by the US Navy. She was in active service from 1855 to 1955. She is the only Civil War era vessel still afloat. From 1995 to 1999, at a cost of $7.5 million, she was restored to nearly her Civil War appearance. She is permanently moored in the Baltimore Harbor and is open to the public.

Geoffrey and Erin in front of Constellation

Some of the ships allowed tourists to come aboard. The rigging and woodwork were amazing, as was the confined living space for the crew members.

Rigging on a Tall Ship Woodwork on a Tall Ship

Geoffrey and Erin were quite interested in the ships in general. But their interest really soared when they were allowed to go up to the top of the ship and sit on one of the beams.

Geoffrey and Erin on tall ship Dewaruci Geoffrey and Erin on a Tall Ship Geoffrey and Erin on a Tall Ship Geoffrey and Erin on beam of tall ship Dewaruci

The music on this page is the U.S. Navy anthem Anchors Away by Miles and Zimmerman.