Weidemeyer Family Reunion
July 2009

For this reunion we went to Louisiana. Dawn and John were hosts to the onslaught of relatives. They live on the northeast side of Lake Pontchartrain, about a half-hour from New Orleans.

Dawn John

For several days they opened their lovely home to us as 'home base' for meals and sightseeing, and even had several family members stay with them for the duration. And because I arrived on my birthday, I got a birthday cake.

Betty Aunt Dorotha Kay Kim with her dog Don, Kim, Aunt Dorotha Dawn's kitchen Looking down into the living room The back yard from upstairs balcony The back yard from upstairs balcony Aunt Catherine's organ in living room Hagan in upstairs family room Ruth and Dawn in Dawn's office

We ate a lot and relaxed even more.

Girls in the kitchen Ruth, Cole, Chris, Hagan, Samantha, Lindsay, Eric Always eating Paul, Debbie John in the living room Trey and Amy Carleton, Kathy, David Lindsay, Samantha, Breanna, Hagan, Samantha in Mardi Gras outfits

John's pride and joy is his sailboat, the Apparition.

The Apparition Ruth, Donald, Carleton, Dottie and The Apparition

John keeps the sailboat moored to a deck along the back yard. On two different occasions he took groups for rides on Lake Pontchartrain. When I went out with them, we were gone for several hours, and oh my, was it nice. It's a lot of work for John, but he obviously loves it.

Captain John Don and Marcia on the sailboat The sailboat Apparition is back home Com'on - we're ready On the water at last

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