Weidemeyer Family Reunion
May 2007

Once again, the descendents of M.F.W. Weidemeyer went away to have a reunion. This time we went to Helena, Georgia, about 80 miles south of Macon. (Helena is about 225 miles south of Helen, which is where we went in 2005.) We stayed in the cabins at the Little Ocmulgee State Park.

Mom's 88th birthday was just a few days off. Ruth made a very pretty (and delicious) cake for the occasion.

Mom's 88th birthday Mom opens cards

We had lots to eat, and often. And we had outdoor activities, too.

Little Ocmulgee State Park Eating outside Lots and lots to eat Playing badminton Bocce and badminton Bocce by the lake

Oh yeah, we took lots of pictures.

Aunt Dorotha and Dad Mom, Betty, Aunt Dorotha, Dad, Ruth Betty, Mom, Dad, Ruth Dottie, Betty, Ruth Betty, Rose Marie Glenn and Dad Rose Marie John and Samantha Ruth and Dottie The Grabers Marcia and Donald Kay, Aunt Dorotha, Carleton Samantha, Lindsay, Trey and Hagan Debbie and Betty Dad and Dee Carleton, Dottie and Kay John, Dawn, Kim, and Harkins children Debbie and Randy Samantha and Kim Dottie, Kim, Marcia Dee and Carleton Kay

Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

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The song on this page is Georgia on My Mind. This was adopted as the official song for the State of Georgia in 1979.