Rolling Oaks

Former Site of the Laurel Lumber Company

The lumber company was sold in 2004, to be developed into a housing project. The area included Farley's farm to the east. Below are aerial views before and after the demolition began and the proposed housing plan.

Aerial view 2004 Aerial view 2005
Housing Plan

Demolition began in the summer of 2005.

Pile of debris Remains of the hardware store Remains of the hardware store Pile of debris Wheel from sawmill Laurel Lumber sign

During the summer of 2006, the land was cleared. Sewage and water connections were put in.

Clearing the land Clearing the land Clearing the land Clearing the land Rolling Oaks sign Dad looking it all over

By November 2006, some of the streets were in. The entrance road into the development was named Farley Drive. Two other roads were Ellie Lane (after my mom) and Betty's Way. The first houses were going up.

Betty's Way Ellie Lane and Farley Drive New construction

Building continued over the summer of 2007. Another street sign went up - Homer Court.

Homer Court and Betty's Way New construction New construction

By the fall of 2007, some of the houses were occupied. Building continued into the summer of 2008.

Betty's Way Farley Drive Farley Drive

Things slowed down with the housing crisis that affected Maryland along with the rest of the nation but resumed again in 2010. Ellie Lane and Homer Court had houses on every lot with some still under construction. Betty's Way was connected on the east end to the houses off of Rolling Road and to "Nolanbrook" homes on the west end.

Farley Drive Betty's Way Farley Drive Homer Court at Ellie Lane toward Bettys Way Ellie Lane toward Homer Court Ellie Lane toward Farley Drive

What used to be a lumber yard is now a lovely neighborhood. We wish all the residents of Rolling Oaks many happy years.

Clearing the land

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