Mr. and Mrs. John Homer Weidemeyer
Seventy Years of Marriage
1939 - 2009

On April 6, 2009, John Homer and Eleanor Weidemeyer celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

A week before the big day, a crew from a local television station spent several hours with my parents. They took lots of film to be edited down for broadcast.

My sister Ruth and I arrived early so that we could share in the festivities.

And the cards and flowers arrived, and arrived, and arrived...

From Frank From Junior and Lambert From Annette From Bud From Frank

Notice the little mechanical pencil in front of the flowers. That was a gift from Mom to Dad before they were married.

Pen from 1939

On Saturday, we went to Clearwater and visited with Dad's sister Dorotha, nephew Carleton and niece Dee. We went to lunch and enjoyed a cake that Dee had gotten for the occasion.

Dad and Aunt Dorotha Weidemeyers Weidemeyers Weidemeyers Anniversary cake

On Sunday, we went to services at Faith Baptist Church. With my parents at the front of the church, Pastor Todd talked at some length about them, after which the entire congregation left their seats to shake hands, hug, etc. It was truly heart warming to see how much my parents are liked and respected.

Mom and Dad with Pastor Todd Adams and Mrs. Adams Pastor Todd and all

The big day arrived - Monday, April 6th - 70 years since these two people tied the knot.

The day started early with a television crew coming to my parents' home. At 7:00 a.m. and again at 8:00 a.m., Laura Moody sat with Mom and Dad for live broadcasts, and the station aired the tape made the week before.

Later we went to New Port Richey to have lunch with friends Frank, Kelly, Alicea and Vicki. They had arranged for a wedding cake, flowers, and a set of champagne glasses, cake knife and cake server. We had a great time.

Mom and Dad, Ruth and Betty Mom and Dad Mom and Dad The lunch group Mom and Dad with wedding cake The wedding cake A kiss Glasses, cake knife and server

By that evening we were all pretty tired. Friends and neighbors had been stopping in all weekend. One person after the next called on the phone. And we'd been on the go for three days. But it was a happy tired.

Dad Mom

Mom and Dad

       So just watch what we do at 75 years....

The following is a video of the broadcast from the Fox 13 television channel from Tampa, Florida.

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The music is Always (I'll Be Loving You Always) by Irving Berlin.