The Holidays - 2002


Bud and I returned to Connecticut for Christmas. Gifts were piled all around the Christmas tree.

Christine, Geoffrey, Erin and Special under the Christmas tree The Trousdale Christmas tree

We went to the Christmas Eve church service where Geoffrey and Erin sang in the choir. Afterward I managed to get everyone to hold still long enough for a family photo.

Geoffrey and Erin in the Bethany Church choir Christine, John, Geoffrey, Erin, Bud, Betty and Special

On Christmas morning, the kids were allowed to open their stockings before breakfast.

Christmas stockings Geoffrey and Erin opening their stockings

After breakfast, Christine read a Christmas story to us while Erin leaned on me. Hugging a grandchild is heavenly.

Christine reads a Christmas story Erin and Betty while Christine reads a story Erin and Betty while Christine reads a story

While the kids opened gifts, the family cat Janie had other ideas.

Opening Gifts Opening gifts Janie the cat

We had a big dinner, the kids played with their new toys and games, Christine and I cleaned up the kitchen, and John and Bud did what men do best.

Geoffrey with Christmas toys Erin with Christmas games John and Bud after Christmas dinner

The day after Christmas, the kids put their new snow toys to good use.

Erin sledding Geoffrey and John sledding Erin and Bud sledding

The music on this page is O Holy Night by Clappeau and Adam.