The Holidays - 2002


I spent Thanksgiving in Connecticut with my daughter Christine, her husband John, her children Geoffrey and Erin, and her father Bud.

It snowed shortly after arriving in Connecticut. The kids and I, along with friends Kelly and Sean Flanigan, made a lovely snowman. Look closely and you will see a baby snowman, too.

The snowman with Sean, Geoffrey, Kelly and Erin The snowman with Sean, Betty, Geoffrey, Kelly and Erin

The family dog is a poodle named Special. She really enjoyed the snow. Unfortunately, the snow stuck to her legs in clumps. She had to get a bath to get the snow off of her.

Special in the snow

Christine did most of the cooking on Thanksgiving Day. Erin used that time to paint her Poppy's face as well as her own.

Christine, the cook
Erin painting Bud Erin and Bud with painted faces

I helped Christine set the table and get things ready for the feast.

The Thanksgiving turkey Turkey dressing The Thanksgiving table

The next day, John made guacamole for his incredible nachos.


The music on this page is Over the River and Through the Woods.

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