Historic St. Augustine

Ruth and John took me into the historic district of St. Augustine. Regretfully, the weather was overcast and foggy, but the waterway seemed busy anyway. The Castillo de San Marcos by the water was busy with tourists, though none wandered into the moat.

Looking out from St Augustine in the fog Castillo de San Marcos

We wandered through the gates and into the streets of the old town.

John and Betty at the old gates of St. Augustine Ruth in the street of St. Augustine

Among the various sites was the old wood schoolhouse. I wonder how today's students would fare with the subjects studied in those days.

The wood schoolhouse Sign on the schoolhouse

Another site was the old Greek church. Inside was the Shrine of Saint Photios, beautifully preserved. The artwork was quite lovely and must have been quite a feat considering the times.

The Shrine of Saint Photios In the Shrine of Saint Photios

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