Florida - February 2003

My first stop was to see my sister Ruth and her husband John in St. Augustine.

Ruth and Johnny

They have a lovely home and can see the Atlantic Ocean from their porch. They took me on a tour of historic St. Augustine as well as Fort Matanzas near their home. To follow me around, click here.

From St. Augustine, I went to Naples to visit with my sister Anne and her husband Chris.

Anne Chris Anne, Chris and Betty

They took me to a play and a ballet, both of which were great. They have a condo on the fifteen floor overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. To take a tour through their condo, click here.

After Naples, I spent an afternoon with my Aunt Dorotha in Clearwater.

Aunt Dorotha, Rose Marie and Betty

My cousin Rose Marie, who lives next door, joined us in catching up and reliving old times. To visit with them also, click here.

I hope you enjoyed my trip to Florida with me.

The music on this page is The Swanee River (Old Folks at Home) by Stephen C. Foster. It is the State Song of Florida.