During a trip to Florida in 2003, I visited my two sisters Anne and Ruth and my Aunt Dorotha. My previous web site had several pages about my visits with these three people. And below is a link that will display those pages pretty much as they were before.

However, since then, we lost my sister Anne in 2005 to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Then in 2007, we lost Ruth's husband Johnny to pulmonary fibrosis. And Aunt Dorotha is now in a home for dementia/alzheimers.

So before we proceed, a few words about these three very special people.

      Anne was an avid gardener, growing both flowers and vegetables. She loved cooking and used her own garden crops and herbs whenever possible. She knitted and sewed garments that were truly lovely, and I'm proud to say I have several of her items. I miss Anne and think of her often, especially when cooking or gardening.       Anne 1989      
      Johnny 2004       Johnny was a gentle soul in all ways. He was a real artist, and I'm honored to have one of his paintings. He also was quite the carpenter, cabinet maker, and woodworker, making items both small and large. He truly loved Ruth and our Lord Jesus Christ.      
      Aunt Dorotha - the favorite aunt to all us cousins. She was a devoted daughter, out-lived two husbands, and doted on us kids as she never had any of her own. We all loved her, and she never let the cookie jar go empty.       Aunt Dorotha      

My life has been richer because of these people.

Click here to see pictures of my visit to Florida in 2003.

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