My Aunt Dorotha

Clearwater, Florida

As a young child, I saw my Aunt Dorotha (pronounced Dorothy) quite often. She was the owner of the proverbial bottomless cookie jar.

Aunt Dorotha in her kitchen

My cousin Rose Marie has gone by the nickname Ree for a long time. But I knew her as "Rose Marie" as a child and cannot break the habit. Many was the time we played together in the sand pile at the lumber company. She had devilment in her eyes then and still has it.

Rose Marie

On Christmas, the entire family would converge at Aunt Dorotha's house for a turkey feast. She would get the largest turkey available. Often it was so large that it wouldn't fit into her gas range; she would cook it in the old cook stove beginning the night before.

Aunt Dorotha Aunt Dorotha and Rose Marie

After dinner, the women (including my sister Anne and my cousin Kay) would help with the cleanup. While waiting to open gifts, my cousins Rose Marie and Dottie, my sister Ruth and I would amuse ourselves by running upstairs and sliding down the bannister - over and over again. If the noise got too loud, Aunt Dorotha would yell at us, only to be told by her father (PopPop to us kids) to let us be.

Aunt Dorotha, Rose Marie and Betty

Everyone should have an "Aunt Dorotha" in their lives.

The music on this page is Waltzing Matilda by Banjo Patterson. Aunt Dorotha's first name is Matilda. Anyone who knows her knows that she really doesn't like that name. As kids, we would call her Aunt Matilda just to get a rise out of her, which of course it did. Rose Marie has often sung this song to Aunt Dorotha. She's is probably the only person in this world who can get away with that.

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