Anne and Chris' Condo
Naples, Florida

Anne and Chris' condo is exquisite. The living room opens onto a balcony facing the Gulf of Mexico. The dining room is on the opposite side of the condo and opens onto another balcony facing the street.

Chris in the living room The dining room

The kitchen and master bedroom, as well as the living room, open onto the balcony facing the Gulf. Anne and Chris are always telling me what beautiful sunsets they see over the Gulf. They apologized to me because the weather didn't allow me to see one of the prettier ones. However, I did see the flash of green when the sun set one day.

Anne in her kitchen The master bedroom Anne on the balcony Sunset over the Gulf

The guest bedroom and the den, as well as the dining room, open onto the balcony facing the street. The office, now complete with a computer, is off of the den. The photos on the wall over the desk were all taken by Chris.

Anne and Aunt Dorotha in the guest bedroom in 1999 The den The office

The music on this page is the Swan Lake Overture by Tchaikovsky. This seemed appropriate, since the ballet we attended included Swan Lake.

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