My Granddaughter Erin

Erin was a beautiful baby and is now a beautiful young lady. She gets all A's in school. She takes piano, clarinet and guitar lessons and is doing well with all of them. She also takes art lessons, and her paintings are really quite good. I have three of them hanging in my home.

These are a few pictures of her through the years. Needless to say, I love her dearly and I'm very proud of her.

Erin 7 weeks old Erin 1 year old Erin 15 months old Erin and Dolly 1997

The doll that Erin is holding was named simply "Dolly". She was a ragdoll that I gave her for Christmas when she was just nine months old. For several years, Dolly went with Erin just about everywhere, and out of necessity, Dolly got washed regularly. Unfortunately, Dolly was slowly falling apart. Christine sewed socks on her, as her feet got holes in them from being dragged around. I sewed her hair back in place and stitched her dress to her to keep it from falling off. Dolly now has a place of honor on a shelf in Erin's bedroom.

Erin 1997 Erin 1998 Erin 1999 Erin 1999 Erin 1999 Erin 1999 Erin 2000 Erin 2000 Erin 2001 Erin 2002 Erin 2002 Erin 2004 Erin 2004 Erin 2005 Erin 2006 Erin 2007 Erin 2007 Erin 2008 Erin 2008 Erin 2009 Erin 2009 Erin and family 2010 Erin and Grommy 2010

The last two pictures were taken in June 2010 just after her confirmation.

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