Disney World

In October 2000, I went to Disney World with Christine and her family. This picture was taken on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Cinderella's castle is in the background.

Family on Main Street

Naturally, we all went on numerous rides. The kids loved the roller coasters, as did Christine and John. (I do not like them at all, so therefore did not go on any!!) There were many other rides, of course. These pictures were of the teacups and the race cars, with the children doing the driving, of course.

Teacup Ride
John and Geoffrey in Race Car Christine and Erin in Race Car

The children were fascinated with all of the Disney characters. They each had an autograph book and got the "autographs" of many characters. These pictures are just a few of them.

Geoffrey and Erin with Tigger Geoffrey and Erin with Piglet
Geoffrey and Erin with Eyore Geoffrey and Erin with Donald Duck
Geoffrey and Erin with Chip and Dale Geoffrey and Erin with Tweedle Dum

At the Magic Kingdom, we watched a very nice parade with elaborate floats. Several times, the parade stopped and had children join in with the dancing.

Parade Float
Geoffrey dancing in parade Erin dancing in parade

After a hot day at the various theme parks, Geoffrey and Erin were always ready to jump into the pool at the hotel. Their swimming improved noticeably by the end of the week.

At the Pool At the Pool

The children were quite excited about seeing the fireworks at Epcot. However, with all the daytime activities, their enthusiasm wore out as quickly as they did.

Asleep at the fireworks

The music on this page (just in case there is someone who doesn't recognize it) is the theme from the Mickey Mouse Club by Jimmie Dodd.