Connecticut - 2005 and 2007
Steam Train and Riverboat

The Valley Railroad Company operates a coal-powered steam locomotive that goes from Essex to the Deep River Station on the Connecticut River. Passengers enjoy the "luxury" of the bygone days of train travel, complete with a dining car.

Sign describing locomotives Steam locomotive and coal car Essex Steam Train Essex Steam Train Essex Steam Train Passenger cars Essex Steam Train The dining car

At the Deep River Station, passengers can stay on the train and return to Essex, or they may disembark and take a ride down the Connecticut River on the Becky Thatcher Riverboat.

Riverboat at Deep River Landing Entrance to riverboat Becky Thatcher Riverboat Becky Thatcher Riverboat

At 407 miles long, the Connecticut River is the largest river in New England. It flows from northern New Hampshire south, emptying into Long Island Sound at Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Gazebo by riverboat landing Becky Thatcher riverboat River marina Tree grows thru balcony along CT River River scenery Riverboat ride River scenery Deep River Ferry River scenery Boys' school near Haddam

All along the way, a tour guide tells the history of the river and how it impacted the population and corresponding industries. Various sights include the Gillette Castle, the Goodspeed Opera House, and the swinging bridge at East Haddam. Ospreys currently nest in one of the channel markers.

William Gillette Castle Goodspeed Opera House, East Haddam, CT CT river swinging bridge East Haddam swinging draw bridge Osprey on nest Osprey on nest

After returning to Deep River Station, the passengers take the steam train back to Essex.

Engine separates from train Train waits for Riverboat passengers Train at boat landing Train and boat arrive at landing

          Click here to tour the Gillette Castle.

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